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Advertisement viewing

We offer users the opportunity to earn by watching ads. All our advertisers are willing to pay for visits ads. All our advertisers are willing to pay for visits get high payment for viewing ads.

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Start without investment

Be our customer without investment. Get a welcome bonus of 0.5$ + 2600 BAP and start getting cash ads today.

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Bap System

Buy BAP points and earn up to 122%. For each dollar, you will be received 2440 BAP, which is intended to pay for viewing ads. The more BAP points you have on your account, the more expensive ads you will get and the faster your earnings will grow. Get the opportunity to earn up to 3.95$ per click.

Everything is simple:

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Buy BAP Points

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Watch 9 ads every day

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Get profit

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Referral program

Take part in our affiliate program and attract other users by getting them interested in their own achievements on the platform. You will get 4% of purchasing by your referrals, as well as 3% of the amount that they will get from watching advertising.


Do you want to earn in a passive way? Buy our shares and get up to 125% profit from each. Every day you will get dividends in the amount of 0.7% to 0.8%, without any of your actions.

Dividend payments will be made on time and in strict accordance with the terms of the current tariff plan. Stable and full payments are guaranteed by the platform's reserve fund in this regard, they are not subject to the influence of force majeure and other unforeseen circumstances.


REWARD: 120%


Daily profit 0.7

Maximum Share: 16


REWARD: 125%


Daily profit 0.8

Maximum Share: 200