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View of advertisement

Get high payment per view of advertisements.

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Welcome Bonus

Be our customer without investment. Get a welcome bonus of 0.5$ + 2600 BAP and start getting cash ads today.

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BAP system

BAP is the inside currency. Having a BAP you get the right to view paid ads. The more BAP you have on your account, the more expensive ads you will be get.

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Referral Program

Be on partner and get profit at the expense of attracted customers: 4% of purchases by referrals, 3% of the amount they had received by them for the view of advertisement.

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Purchase our packages and get ad views of your site on our platform.

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Users of the Adviev platform are provided with wide opportunities to earn money.

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About Platform

Adviev is a unique advertising platform that unites advertisers and ordinary users who want to make money.

Our new generation platform offers great opportunities to attract real customers to any type of project. Our advertisers get only quality traffic. A special monitoring system is designed to eliminate the use of bots and automated scripts, so viewing ads will be carried out only by real people, the target audience interested in your products.

Users of the Adviev platform are provided with wide opportunities to earn money by viewing ads, buying packages, attracting other users, etc. Start earning today.

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For Advertiser

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Buy traffic at reasoneble price. 1000 views-only from 1$. Advertising your business through Adviev platfrom is a guaranteed inflow of view clients and popularization of your product.

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We offer only high-quality traffic-the monitoring system eliminates the use of bots. Your advertisement will only be viewed by real people.

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Crypto Audience

This category includes users who use cryptocurrency on our platform to deposit and withdraw funds. So, with the help of Adviev platform, advertisers can attract users to all kinds of cryptocurrency projects: Defi-games, Exchanges, Wallets, ICO/IEO, Gambling, and other business related to cryptocurrency.

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Geo targeting

Use GEO targeting, which will allow you to find the target audience among the users of your country. Our platform allows you to attract traffic from more than 240 countries.

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Solvent audience

If you are focused on attracting solvent audience to develop your business you will surely find such users on our plarform.

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Active audience

Our audience attentively follows the emergence of new projects on the Adviev platform and actively takes part in all partner programs. Do not miss the chance to offer your project to the audience of our platform.

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Crypto Members


Solvent audience


For Investor

Since we are trying to collect the investor audience (solvent audience) on our platform, we offer the appropriate functionality for investors.

The Adviev platform offers its users users to invest and earn passive income. Become our investor and get your share of our platform total revenue.

We offer the investment favorable terms, since profit is generated from 3 different sources: through advertising sales, trading on the cryptocurrency market (automatic/manual), from investment activities (farming, staking, investing in defi games, etc.). By purchasing our packages, investors can earn up to 125% and more.


RETURN: 120%

Net income 20%


Daily return 0.50

Maximum Packages: 16


RETURN: 125%

Net income 25%


Daily return 0.42

Maximum Packages: 200